Welcome to CTEcreative

My name is C. Tyson Edwards. I am an Atlanta-based technical product manager who enjoys long walks, shorter meetings, and integrating my multi-functional background with Agile concepts to release fantastic products that drive real business results.

A good product manager is a cross-functional team-player who actively engages with customers as well as all functional areas to keep teams aligned with product goals.

I really enjoy developing relationships with other teams and I bring a great attitude and my own personality to every interaction I have!

Some of My Finely Honed Skills:

Highly Skilled

Technical Product Manager

In my most current role…
I am responsible for the product development life cycles of two complex dental practice management software products.

My Resposibilities:

  • Validate requirements with customers to aid in stakeholder buy-in
  • Create user stories that are easily consumed by other teams, to align them with the strategy of the product roadmap
  • Keep a groomed & organized product backlog via grooming meetings with the team to flush out requirements
  • Actively collaborate with other functional teams ensures project deliverables come together on time
  • Helped define and own the technical feature set of the dental products
  • Made decisions and recommendations backed by data, evidence and good judgment


Data-driven decisions provided users with a a patient dashboard, alleviated a long-standing lock-out issue and updated the code compiler – which made both users and developers happy. These features increased early adoption of that version by 55%.

My Product Management Projects

Dental Software Line:

Release Plan Documentation:


Highly Skilled

User Experience Specialist

Depending on what you are trying to learn, there are many tools in the UX toolkit to get you to the heart of what users need.

Data generated by these:

Turn into:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • User interviews
  • Contextual inquiries
  • Experience mapping
  • Go to Gemba
  • Data visualizations
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Visual design mockups
  • Design system definition
  • A user-centered product strategy


My Agile, UX and UI development background has helped me create release plan visual documentation that ensured stakeholder and development team buy-in on release strategy.

This often accelerated the release plan meeting to wrap up in several days instead of weeks, leading to increased productivity and a happier team.

My UX Projects


Highly Skilled

Front-End Development

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Bootstrap / LESS
  • WordPress


Being able to relate to developers can go a long way with boosting team collaboration. I enjoy working with the developers and getting into the details to investigate the possibilities and issues that could arise.

Also, having this background can help me understand the technical limitations of a particular development situation.

Highly Skilled

Communication / Organization

  • Slack / Teams / Skype
  • Jira / Rally / Azure DevOps
  • MS Office 365


Developing good internal relationships with all functional areas helps bring everything together in the end. I was able to prevent a deadline slip by early communication of technical changes to other groups so that they could align their final deliverables.

Public Speaking: