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My name is C. Tyson Edwards. I am an Atlanta based technical creative who enjoys long walks, short meetings, and creating fantastic products. With a background in UX, visual & web design; I bring a unique approach to product management by having the ability to look at problems from creative angles.

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From a professional standpoint, I have an unwavering desire to create. Whether it’s writing requirements gathered from client feedback, empathetic and intuitive user experiences, or large mixed media panels, I try to stay versed on all forms – and any size – of media.

My approach to each project is focused, collaborative, and creative. My experience in direct marketing and UX has really helped to refine my ability to troubleshoot, as well as gather and analyze data.


My Product Management Process:

A delightful software experience is the product of a proven process. It doesn’t happen on a whim.

Proper research might literally put you in the shoes of the user. That, combined with all the data you can get your hands on, will help craft a vision.

Once your vision is validated, breaking it down into manageable pieces will help organize the prototype/iterate phase.

Keep an open communication line with your feedback circle for validation along the way.

Now ready for the work?

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DPMS Software Release

CS DPMS is a dental practice management software that has been around since the early nineties. It’s still one of the major players in the growing DPMS business, with a large number of loyal users.

The application had been a bit neglected with a slow release schedule and no real functionality updates. Customers were not happy, and attrition rates were climbing.

Version V17 needed to be awesome…

Dental Workflows – Mobile App

I worked as a UX and Visual Designer for a mobile app designed to provide a Dr. with solutions for out-of-the-office workflows. Dr’s can log in and the app would provide the schedule for the office as well as some information regarding patients.

Mosaic Design System

In the never-ending quest for the “perfect framework”, we developed a couple design systems to communicate the patterns to other organizations within the business.

The Mosaic Design System was to be our home moving forward for design.


Logo’s are a crucial part of any designer’s arsenal. Take a look at some of mine.

T-Shirt Designs

I began working with a team outfitter and screen-print shop right after I got out of college. Around 2013 I guess. Here is a collection of designs for various clients.

Mixed Media

I love working with mixed media type projects. The limits are off, the resources are anything you can find –  endless – the and creativity can flow!


Along with logos and websites, flyer design is a must for a designer. Here are some examples of my previous flyer designs.

Web Design

I’ve dabbled in HTML and CSS since school so I am pretty comfortable with hand coding. I do use Sublime text. I also have experience with creating/modifying Wordpress themes as well as using the Bootstrap library to create sites.


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