[Product Management] DPMS Software Release

I worked as a Product Manager for a dental practice management software that has been around since the early nineties. It’s still one of the major players in the growing DPMS business, with a large number of loyal users.

The application had been a bit neglected with a slow release schedule and no real functionality updates. Customers were not happy, and attrition rates were climbing.

Version V17 needed to be awesome…

My Responsibilities:

During this time, the Product Line Manager left the company, and I stepped into several roles to accelerate multiple versions to general release.

Product Line Manager:

• Created and presented slides at monthly business reviews
• Product management/planning/roadmapping
• Strategic relationship development: customers, stakeholders, vendors & partners, internal departments
• Gate presentations

Product Owner:

• Groom backlog
• Requirement gathering
• Attend daily scrum
• Assist SCRUM team with assets and questions
• Roadmap planning


• Designed Overview tab for “getting up to speed” workflow
• Gathered feedback on design through VoC
• Vet Overview solution with braintrust through online community and user interviews
• Gathered/prioritized feedback from beta customers

Visual Designer:

• Defined Visual Changes – Colors,
• Designed Overview Layout / Styles

Release Plan:

Overview Page – Located in the clinical module

The Overview tab was designed as a solution for users to get-up-to-speed on patients quickly. Previously, users had to close out of windows to find bits of information required to complete the workflow.

Visual Overhaul – Make application look more modern

The visual overhaul was meant to update the application to help it look more modern. We chose to do some of the easy stuff like apply an updated color palette and round the field corners.

Parallel Workflows – No More Record Locking

In the previous versions of the application, a user would be locked out of an account if another user was in the account. This made lots of workflows impossible to complete so this was a welcome addition to the plan.

Design Process:


Our process is viewable above.

UX Toolkit:

Stakeholder Interviews – Feedback meetings with Chief Dental Officer/former dentist

User Interviews: Feedback meetings with customers regarding the Overview tab.

Beta Launch: Feedback received from dental offices using the beta version.

Braintrust: Gathered feedback and vetted Overview design through a selected group of users.

Tradeshow Demos: We would go to dental conferences and gather feedback on designs from users at the meeting.

Below you’ll find a short video I created using Adobe Spark to illustrate our process to stakeholders about the User-Centered Design concept.


Overall, customers are happy with the Overview tab and the ability to see some of the things they need in one place.